Bu Kitabı Yalnız Kızlar Erkekler Okusun - Only Girls / Boys Should Read This Book (İngilizce)

Marka: Timas Publishing
Kitaplık: Timas Kids
Diziler: Let's Read!
Sayfa / Ebat: 180s. / 11,5x21
İlk ve Son Baskı: Haziran’10 / Aralık’11
Baskı Sayısı: 0
Kapak Tasarım:
ISBN: 978-975-6107-76-8
Barkod: 9789756107768
23.15 TL

KDV Dahil Fiyat

Arka kapak
Two books stuck to one another... One side for the girls and one side for the boys. What a girl says, but what she really means... Small advices for boys… Tactics of how to meet a girl… Gifts which a boy can give a girl… The male types girls prefer… How many types of girls are there… How can you make a woman happy… Words you won’t hear from women… Types of girls… What women want…

Things in boys that attract girls the most… Things in boys that drive girls crazy… Courses which ought to be given to women... Things that make you say ‘Thank God I’m a man’… What a man says, what he really means... Some truths which ought to be known for the girls… Computers are male because... Manifesto from the Men… Oh these Boys… 10 questions which drive a man crazy… Things that make you say ‘Thank God I’m a Woman’...

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