Seni Seven "bir"i Var! - There Is "one" Who Loves You! (İngilizce)

Marka: Timas Publishing
Kitaplık: Timas Kids
Diziler: Let's Read!
Sayfa / Ebat: 200s. / 11,5x21
İlk ve Son Baskı: Haziran’10 / Ocak’12
Baskı Sayısı: 0
Kapak Tasarım:
ISBN: 978-975-6107-78-2
Barkod: 9789756107782
23.15 TL

KDV Dahil Fiyat

Arka kapak
Then one day she meets a guy on the internet. He is an intelligent, writer, who has similar interests, whose lifestyle is actually based on these interests.

Then there comes a strong connection, chemistry between them... This book is a door to a journey that they started together... a story of searching for the truth.

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